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Game of the Scene Workshop

(In-person workshop, Edinburgh)

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A thorough workshop in the improv concept of "Game of the Scene".

Made famous by New York's UCB Improv Theatre, Game of the Scene is a core tenet in the art of longform improvisational comedy.

Find an unusual idea together. Heighten it. Your improv scenes will feel like sketch comedy, and will instantly explode with laughter and life.


This workshop will involve:

Establishing a strong base reality

Finding the first unusual thing

Heightening moves

Exploration moves


Resting the Game

If you feel like sometimes your improv scenes are funny, but sometimes they feel difficult - this is the workshop for you.

Recommended for improvisers with at least 6 months of experience.

You will leave this workshop able to focus a comedic idea into your crosshairs, then work together to heighten it to a ridiculous extreme.

Game of the Scene also has extremely useful applications for stand up comedians and sketch comedy writers.


This workshop will take place in Room G5 of St Margaret's House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE.

(Free p
arking available at the venue)



Sunday April 16th







£30 per person

100% of all booking fees go to charity via Humanitix.


Booking your place online is required - payment cannot be taken in person.

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