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"I have never felt so at ease and so immediately immersed. The variety of tools we were given and things we got to try, along with the upbeat vibe and positive pace meant the class went by in a flash. We never stopped smiling throughout."
- Maria J

"Relaxed, friendly and supportive environment. Learned a lot in just one session while having fun at the same time. Highly recommend!" 
- John S


"Felt comfortable from the start. Will is a great workshop leader and I walked away with new skills, had fun and got my brain engaging again. Thank You!"
- Peter M

"You will have a blast. You will end up being able to rap starting with absolutely no ability."

- Alicia D


"Master class. He is brilliant."

- Lawrence B

"Will really knows how to engage his students and help them have fun. He gave me new skills and, over six sessions, transformed my entire approach to improv. One of the best teachers I've ever had, for anything, ever."

- Ramesh G

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