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Stick To Your Sh*t!

(In-person workshop, Edinburgh)

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A 3-hour workshop on making your ideas simple, fun and consistent.

Improv is easier when you stick with your first choice!

We will be focusing on:

Character hooks

Not deviating from your own gifts

Finding your character's "deal"

Having more fun by doing less

Game of the Scene


Participants will be encouraged to find joy in the very first move they make in a scene, and to have the most fun possible without having to think.


Improv can often seem overwhelming, scary, and like you have "no idea where the scene is going". This workshop will turn those fears into fun, by drawing your attention to what gifts you've already given yourself.

You will leave the workshop understanding why looking after yourself is also the best way to look after your scene partner.


This workshop is aimed at improvisers who have completed at least an Intro To Improv course (or equivalent). Good for beginners, or for seasoned improvisers looking to brush up on a fundamental skill.


This workshop will take place in Room G5 of St Margaret's House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE.

(Free Parking available at the venue)

Time: Saturday June 11th, 2pm-5pm

Cost: £30 per person.

100% of all booking fees go to charity via Humanitix.

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