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Improv Drills

(In-person workshop, Edinburgh)

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A 3-hour workshop focusing on vital improv mechanics.

Good improv habits come from repeated practice.


This workshop will drill "the rules" of improv into immediate, easy reflexes.

We will be focusing on:

Blind support

Platforms (who, what, where)

Immediately jumping into character




Participants will be encouraged to lay down the ingredients of a joyful, fun and easy scene in the first five seconds they're onstage. When these mechanics are taken care of, great improv can happen without having to think.


It is common to feel "in your head" during a scene, and to overthink every aspect of what's happening. This workshop will drill good improv reflexes into your bones, to take you out of your head and into the fun.

You will leave this workshop being able to initiate and perform fun scenes without having to think.


This workshop is aimed at improvisers who have completed at least an Intro To Improv course (or equivalent). Good for beginners, or for seasoned improvisers looking to brush up on a fundamental skill.


This workshop will take place in the basement of the Safari Lounge, 21 Cadzow Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5SN

Time: Sunday July 17th, 2pm-5pm

Cost: £30 per person.

100% of all booking fees go to charity via Humanitix.

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